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Parenting with the Love Language - Receiving Gifts

The Love Language Gifts Is the Easiest to Learn


The love language gifts is the easiest to learn according to Dr. Chapman.

The Five Love Languages includes the love language of gifts. The love language gifts is the easiest to learn according to Dr. Chapman.

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Dr. Chapman, author of The Five Love Languages feels that every person has an "emotional tank." When a child feels loved his love tank will be full, but when the love tank is empty, the child will have behaviors. How many of us are parenting children from the foster care system or from an orphanage that are operating on empty love tanks?

Dr. Chapman says, "Gifts are visual symbols of love." Who doesn't enjoy receiving a spontaneous gift? If your child seems to thrive on the Love Language Gifts, here are a few ideas on learning one of the easiest of the five love languages.

  1. Remember that gifts say that the receiver was remembered.
  2. Gifts can be simple, inexpensive, and even handmade.
  3. If on a budget, any local dollar store may hold an inexpensive surprise for your child.
  4. Give a sheet of stickers.
  5. Consider hiding your gift under your child's pillow.
  6. Package a special treat in your child's lunchbox, tied with a pretty ribbon and a note.
  7. Does your child borrow something of yours, consider buying that item for your child.
  8. Purchase an iTunes card.
  9. Every Friday go somewhere special for an after-school snack.
  10. Don't forget the gift of self.

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