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Physical Touch Is One of the 5 Love Languages

Ideas on How to Show Your Child Love Through Physical Touch


Learn more about the physical touch love language which is one of the 5 love languages.

The 5 Love Languages includes physical touch which may be easy, but also tricky with some foster and adopted children. Learn more about the physical touch love language.

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Dr. Chapman wrote the The Five Love Languages. He states in his book that physical touch is very important to the healthy growth and development of children.

If your child seems to thrive on the Physical Touch Love Language, here are a few ideas on how to provide that love language in a way that respects boundaries, which is especially important with foster children and any child that has experienced sexual abuse.

  1. Sit close to your child while watching television.
  2. Hold hands while taking a walk.
  3. Give a quick side hug and tell them that you love them.
  4. Brush your child's hair.
  5. High five.
  6. Fist bump.
  7. Thumb wrestle.
  8. Pat your child on the back.
  9. Arm wrestle.
  10. Play a clapping game with your child.

Caution: The Physical Touch love language may be a bit rougher to express with some children, especially those who have suffered sexual abuse. Consider your child's sexual abuse history, the age of your child, and comfort level with any activity. Some abused children can misinterpret different kinds of touch, which could lead to a naive false allegation. Be aware of sexual arousal. If you sense that any activity is upsetting to the child - stop. Document the incident and tell the therapist at your next meeting.

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