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From Unique Issues and Talking with Your Child to Dealing with Holidays


Tips and advice for adoptive and foster parents including talking with your child about adoption, childhood grief and loss issues, and other unique situations that occur within adoptive and foster families. These are issues that only other foster and adoptive parents can really understand. Here we will discuss them together. Life is always exciting and together we are living it!
  1. At Home
  2. At School
  3. Talking With Your Adopted or Foster Child
  4. During the Holidays or Family Get-togethers
  5. When School Is Out

At Home

Kids Driving You Nuts?

The first few days home with your new foster or adopted child are understandably the most hectic. So, try to be prepared ahead of time. While you can't guess what all of your child's and family's needs will be over time, let's work together to learn what has been done in other homes - successfully or unsuccessfully. I've discovered that I can learn from another parent's failures as well as their successes.

At School

Send the kids back to school with less stress on you!

Many times I have had to be an advocate for my children at school. Other times I've needed to prepare my child to advocate for himself.

Talking With Your Adopted or Foster Child

Many forum posts have been made regarding discussing adoption with a child. The toughest posts to answer are to those parents who have chosen to wait until a child is older to disclose their adoption. Not something I would recommend. So, how do we discuss the tough subjects?

During the Holidays or Family Get-togethers

Preparing for the Chinese New Year is a fun way to celebrate Chinese culture.

Parenting foster children can be a challenge at any time of the year, but holidays or family get-togethers seem to be extra stressful. There are a ton of parties to attend, gifts to buy and the financial strain can really bring a person down. So keep the joy in your family time, by being prepared.

When School Is Out

School break. Two words that strike fear in the hearts of parents everywhere. Don't despair. A break from one's normal routine can be a good thing. Really.

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