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Adoption Search and Reunion

Locate an adoption search angel to help in your adoption search and ultimate adoption reunion.
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All About Adoption Search
The basics of adoption search all in one place.

Adoption Search
Learn more about an adoption search and find links for more information.

Preparing Your Child for Contact with Birth Family
While it can be a tricky arraignment, an open adoption is often in the child's best interest. However there are pros and cons to choosing an open adoption and your child must be prepared.

Non-identifying Information
A general definition for an often used term within the adoption community.

Social Media and Adoption - How Has Social Media Impacted Your Adoption
I just received a posting on my wall from a reader telling of how she and her daughter have found each other on Facebook. Which got me to wondering how social media has helped with your adoption search and/or adoption reunion. Have you used social media - Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, ect... to help with your adoption journey - whether it be for an adoption search or an adoption placement o…

Before You Help Your Child With an Adoption Reunion
What are some things that an adoptive parnet should be aware of as their child embarks on an adoption reunion? I asked our adoption forum for some ideas on adoption reunion and this is what they had to say.

Confidential Intermediary
Simple definition of the term.

What Is a Voluntary Reunion Registry?
Learn the definition of this adoption search and reunion term.

What Is the Spokeo Search Angel Award?
An award that recognizes the efforts of adoption search volunteers.

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