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How to Complete an Adoption Search

There are several different paths to take when embarking on an adoption search. Learn how to conduct an adoption search on your own, reach out to a volunteer search angel, or register on a adoption search registry.
  1. Adoption Registries (10)
  2. Adoption Search Angels (111)
  3. How to Search (19)

Adoption Search Angel Listing for the United States
Search angels that are available to help with adoption searches in the U.S.

Do a DNA Test to Complete an Adoption Search
A DNA test may be able to help in your adoption search.

Before You Do DNA Testing
Learn how a DNA test may help in your adoption search.

An Adoptee Shares His Thoughts on DNA Testing
An adoptee shares his thoughts on using DNA testing to answer some of his life-long questions.

Adoption Registry
There are numerous adoption registries online. What is the purpose of an adoption registry?

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