1. Parenting

Surviving the Holidays

Discover tips and clues for getting through the various holidays with your foster or adopted children. Holidays are stressful, but with foster and/or adopted children there are other issues and concerns that may pop up.

Before You Celebrate the Holidays with Your Foster Children
Here are eight ideas to help prepare your family early for the Holidays.

Preparing Children for Gift Receiving and Gift Opening During the Holidays
The five most difficult gifts for children to receive graciously and how to help them smile through it all.

12 Days of Christmas Preparations for Foster and Adoptive Parents
A parody of the famous Christmas carol for foster and adoptive parents. What things do foster and adoptive parents need to focus on as part of our Christmas preparations?

Foster Children and Your Extended Family During the Holidays
Preparing your children and family before Holiday fun begins.

Top Adoption & Foster Care Gifts
What would make a great gift for someone who is an adoptive or foster parent? How about a birth parent? Try some of these ideas!

Holiday Survival with Foster or Adopted Children
Holidays are stressful, but with foster and/or adopted children there are other issues and concerns that may pop up.

Developmental Grieving
An article dealing with the sadness that may effect the adoptive or foster child during special times of the year.

Holiday Season - How Do You Prepare Your Foster Children for the Holi…
Holidays are usually centered around "family." Foster children are separated from their families yet are reminded of family at almost all holiday gatherings. Add on the fact that holidays are also an extremely busy time of the year and you may have a great recipe for chaos. How do you prepare your foster children for the holiday season?

Snow Day Activities for Foster or Adopted Children
So you just read the announcement on the news, it's a snow day. The kids are cheering and you're thinking of all the things you need to get done today. What are you going to do with your foster children or adopted children on a snow day? Here are some ideas for snow day activities for foster or adopted children.

Top Christmas & Winter Movies with an Adoption Theme
Movies that have both a Christmas and adoption theme.

Foster Children and Celebrating Birthdays
Ideas on celebrating birthdays when birth family are involved and when they are not involved.

Preparing for the Fourth of July
The Fourth of July is fun, but it can also be scary for some foster children or newly adopted children. Many children have not been giving the opportunity to celebrate with fireworks. There are many joyous things about the Fourth, but also many possible scary things.

Summer Fun with the Kids
Remember when we were kids and summer fun meant nothing fancy or expensive? Summer is the perfect time to teach foster or adoptive kids some great summer fun activities that they may have been missing out on.

A Checklist of Summer Rules for Foster Families
It's important that foster parents take a moment and check on the basic summer rules for their agency. Do you have a plan for implementing summer rules in your foster home?

Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas for Late October Foster C…
Experienced foster parents usually have a multitude of extra essentials around the house, extra toothbrushes, school supplies, diapers, and even some clothing. But how many foster parents have extra Halloween costumes? Here are a few Halloween costume ideas and tips for the late October foster care placements with a lot of help from our...

What to Do if Your Foster Child Can't Celebrate Halloween
Due to religious beliefs or the special request of a birth parent, some foster children are not allowed to celebrate Halloween. Be ready for this occasion with a list of fun things to do when celebrating Halloween is not an option.

Halloween Ideas to Make the Holiday Safer and More Fun for Your Child
Learn how to make lasting memories with your foster children and still maintain their safety.

Fall Fun for Foster and Adopted Children
Fall fun ideas for foster and adopted children who may be new to Halloween or afraid of the scary stuff. Fall is a fun season, help your children enjoy the fall fun.

Managing Halloween Treats for Foster or Adopted Children
Ideas from various Guides on how to manage Halloween treats with your children.

What's Your Best or Favorite Halloween Moment with a Foster or Adopted Child?
One of my best Halloween as a foster parent was trick-or-treating with a 7-year-old who hadn't been for a few years. Share your best or favorite...See submissions

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