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12 Days of Christmas Preparations for Foster and Adoptive Parents


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12 Days of Christmas Preparations: Day 1 - A Well Planned Respite Weekend
A little girl is ready to go on a respite foster care weekend with her teddy bear.

Foster children enjoy most respite foster care experiences.

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I really enjoy taking known songs and changing the words to fit other occasions or situations. I decided to try my hand at changing the words to the song, The Twelve Days of Christmas in an effort to help you get ready for Christmas.

I thought I'd focus on the 12 Days of Christmas Preparations. Things we need to do in 12 days to get ready for Christmas and the stresses that go along with "the happiest time of the year."

On the first day of Christmas Preparations my true love gave to me
A well planned respite weekend.

During this busy time of the year, it may be helpful and restful, for foster parents to call up their social worker and plan out a respite weekend. Adoptive parents may want to reach out to grandparents, a close friend, or other family members for a bit of time off, even if it's just for a few hours. We need time to wrap presents - right?

But the key to a great respite experience is planning. So, a "well planned" is the important part of this first day of Christmas. Remember:

  • When contacting the respite family make sure to clarify the drop off and pick up dates.
  • When packing for your foster children, be sure to include enough clean clothes.
  • Make a respite packet that travels with the child and contains all their information.

For more tips on planning a great respite weekend see the full article on How to prepare for Respite. This handy printable worksheet may also help get things squared away. You may want to plan your respite weekend for early in January when you'll be ready for a break!

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