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12 Days of Christmas Preparations for Foster and Adoptive Parents


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12 Days of Christmas Preparations: Day 10 - Ten Last Minute Gifts
A child opens a gift on Christmas Day.

Have a few last minute gift items on hand for late December foster care placements.

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On the tenth day of Christmas Preparations, my true love gave to me:
Ten last minute gifts,
Nine Santa avoiders,
Eight holiday parties,
Seven teaching moments,
Six memories a-haunting,
Five golden rules,
Four fighting kids,
Three snow days,
Two calling workers
and a well planned respite weekend.

You never know when a new foster child will be placed in your home, so be ready with these 10 last minute gifts.

  1. Stocking cap, mittens, scarves

  2. iPod Shuffle and iTune

  3. Color books, crayons, and other art supplies

  4. Watch

  5. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets

  6. Basic toys like: Dolls, Barbies, various action figures, trucks, Hot Wheels

  7. Fun socks

  8. CD players and CDs. A good CD is NOW which has a variety of current hits. There is also one available with the top country hits. These are generally very well edited for language.

  9. Board Games - These are a great choice as it gives them something to do at holiday gatherings.

  10. Hygiene items: Lotion, cologne or perfume gift sets. There are also items that are appropriate for most ages of children that include chap stick, nail polish or bath time fun. These are also practical needs for new foster or adoptive placements.

Last, but not least, don't forget to teach your children how to graciously receive and open gifts. It may help with those awkward moments that seem to also be very much part of the holiday season.

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