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12 Days of Christmas Preparations for Foster and Adoptive Parents


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12 Days of Christmas Preparations: Day 2 - Two Calling Workers
Deck the halls with Christmas decorations, foster care paperwork and social work visits are needed.

Even when busy decking the halls, paperwork as a foster parent doesn't stop.

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On the second day of Christmas Preparations, my true love gave to me:
Two calling workers
and a well planned respite weekend.

Yes, as a foster parent, social workers come to be a part of your life, whether they're standing on your front porch for a regular visit, on the phone with questions, or emailing you the latest visitation schedule. The visits and the case plans don't stop just because it's the busy Christmas season. So, get ahead of the game with a bit of organization. Utilize these printable worksheets to help with preparing court documents or daily behavior logs. The holidays can bring up some behavior issues with children missing birth family and your case worker will wan t to know about any changes.

Also, remember if you're planning to be out of town with or without your foster children, to give your workers plenty of notice. Many workers prefer to have at least 2 weeks notice in order to get travel permission. Since today is day eleven, you may want to call immediately. If you want to utilize respite this holiday, again, contact your worker as soon as possible.

Prospective adoptive parents may also encounter a couple of calling workers, especially if they are completing an adoption home study. Don't let the additional stress of the holidays add to the nerves brought on with a home study. Be yourself and be calm. Social workers are not looking for an adoptive home that really knows how to deck the halls with boughs of holly. This is not Martha Stewart paying you a visit. Workers completing home studies are more interested in getting to know the real you and assessing which child would best fit into your home.

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