1. Parenting

Types of Adoption

Exploring and understanding the different types of adoption, including myths and FAQ's.

Can an Adult From a Foreign Country be Adopted into the United States?
A quick answer for one of my most frequently asked questions.

What Is an Adoption Agency?
Simple explanation to the different types of adoption agencies.

Adult Adoptions
Is it legal to adopt an adult? Who would choose such an option? Here are some reasons for an adult adoption and some reasons why some states are against them.

Steps to a Step Parent Adoption
Learn the basic steps to completing a step parent adoption. Contacting an adoption lawyer is a good first step as each State handles step parent adoptions differently.

Adopt a Foster Child
How to go about adopting a child from the foster care system.

What Are the Differences in the Level of Contact in Open Adoptions?
Understanding the different levels of contact within open adoptions. It's not always about physical, face-to-face contact.

Common Myths About Open Adoption
There are many myths about open adoptions. Which open adoption myth have you heard before? Which ones do you believe? Explore the truth about open adoption.

Coping with an Open Adoption
Tips for birth and adoptive family members in managing an open adoption.

What is Adoption Anyway?
The touching story of one family's adoption of a mentally retarded man who they adopted 30 years ago.

How Did You Decide Between a Domestic or International Adoption?
Share how you made your final decision with your adoption choice.

The Ways We Have Made an Open Adoption Work in Our Family
Share how you and your family have made an open adoption work in your family. How have you included birth siblings, birth parents, or other members of a child's family a part of your child's life?

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