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Special Needs Older Child from China Adoption

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By RosinCore

Special Needs Older Child from China Adoption

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We've Been a Forever Family Since...

Nov 2009

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We have adopted a beautiful 4 year old daughter from China from the Waiting Child Program!

So I guess, that technically makes us International Adopters of a Special Needs Older Child from China.

My Family's Adoption Story

Why Adopt?

Why China?

Why Waiting Child Program?

We had wanted to adopt since before we had any children. Back in Winnipeg, we were on an adoption list - but we got pregnant, so we got removed from the list.

As to why we wanted another one? Well, when we had no children, the family did not feel 'complete'... so we had our 1st child. Then, the family felt complete... for a while. Then we realized we wanted another child, and welcomed our 2nd. Again the family felt complete, for a while. We then had our 3rd child. And realized that the family felt complete... but only for a while. See a pattern forming?

However, this time, we thought, do we want more than 4 children? That, I'm not sure.

So it became apparent, that if this was to be our last child, now would be *possibly* our last chance to adopt.

I guess the bigger underlying question, is not "why did we want another child", but why does anyone want children.

And if you do have 1 child, what makes you want a 2nd? 3rd? 4th? ... 12th?! Crazy I suppose.

Children bring so much joy and wonder and love into your home - it is amazing!

I don't think I can fully describe why we want children, just that we do.

And it is amazing and wonderful and beautiful.

Challenging at times, for sure.

Frustrating? Check.

Crazy? Absolutely!

And so indescribable on many levels.

So yes, we wanted to adopt, it was always part of our family plan.

And why adopting vs just another 4th biological child?

I almost think that that question isn't important.

How you have your child is not nearly as important as why you have a child.

Whether it is by biological means, adoption, fostering, or some other means, you have your child.

Is one way better than another? I don't think so.

To think so would de-value an adopted child, or elevate a biological child...

Neither of these are good, or true.

The bottom line for us was that, we will love our children because they are our children, not because they are perfect!


  • Get connected with other Adoptive Families!
  • Don't listen to just "anyone"
  • Don't panic
  • Follow a good Blog (Hey, how about mine! http://berzenji.blogspot.com )

Carrie Craft, About.com Adoption/Foster Care, says:

It's wonderful to hear such positive comments about adoption and having a large, blended family. I really appreciate the advice of - don't just listen to 'anyone.' Be choosy of where you get your advice. Reading adoption blogs is always a great idea!

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