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From the article: Top 9 Adoption Gifts
Please take a moment and share a favorite adoption gift that you have received or given to another. It doesn't matter the recipient - whether the adoption gift was for the adoptive family, the birth family, or the adoptee. It doesn't matter the occasion - the child's adoption day, National adoption month, Christmas, Birthday, Mother or Father's Day. Please share!

The Perfect Adoption Gift

The Perfect Adoption Gift: The Holden Marks Family Tree celebration coin was designed for ceremonies joining parents and their children, welcoming children to their new family, and allowing for a shared symbol that each member of the family will be able to carry with them. Cast in pewter. 1 1/2 wide. Handcrafted in Vermont. Learn more at: Holden Marks

Special Christmas Gift

We have 2 foster boys that we hope to be able to adopt one day. This year, our first Christmas together, I got them each an ornament with a character for everyone in our family - including them. Every character has a family member's name on it and the saying, "Family At Heart" so that they will always remember how happy we were to have them in our family if things don't work out the way we hope. Of course, we really hope this is just the first of many ornaments that we can give them to reflect the past years' accomplishments!!
—Guest Just Rosy


My Government gave me my birth certificate and birth records.That's the best thing an adoptee can ever receive!
—Guest Von

American Girl Look Alike at Target

My daughter Brittney loved playing with my other daughter Madison's American Girl Doll. So on the day of my we went to the courthouse to have the adoption finalized for Brittney we gave her the Our Next Generation Doll at Target that looks like the American Girl Doll. She was so happy to get the doll, she kept giving it kisses and hugs the whole time we were in our truck. Two years later and she still loves her doll!!

More Adoption Ornaments

You can visit http://cafepress.com/melissaart to buy more adoption ornaments. Melissa Creates art to benefit orphans and has her art transferred to ornaments. She is the adoptive mother of 9.
—Guest Melissa Carter

Going Home Book of Memories

Last year I had a sibling group of two sisters that were 4 and 5 that were returning home right before Christmas. They had been with us since April of that year. During that time we had traveled to ND, SD and KY. As well as going downtown Chicago for special events, several zoos and different amusement parks. They had spent several holidays with us as well as attending school and different seasonal events like apple picking, and they each had their first "friends" birthday party. So as it was getting closer to return home, my two children that I am adopting and I chose our favorite pictures of them and us doing all these different events. We went to Walgreens and put a picture book together for each of them. The book was bound and has a hardcover that we could choose their favorite colors for. We then personalized the inside covers by writing each of them a special note. I then gave it to the birth mom for her to place under the tree from us on Christmas morning.

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