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Readers Respond: What Are Your Favorite Adoption Songs?

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From the article: Interview with DMC -

Whether you're an adoptee, a birth parent, an adoptive parent, or a prospective adoptive parent, there may be a song or two that just means more to you than anything else on the radio.

Music is so very powerful. Notice how a scary movie wouldn't be as scary if it wasn't for the soundtrack? A romantic moment becomes more romantic with the perfect tune. It shouldn't be so surprising that when it comes to the subject of adoption, that there are songs that bring about a memory or feeling.

Whether the song is meant to be specifically about adoption or not, what songs are meaningful to you?

Christina Perri A Thousand Years

This song is from the "Breaking Dawn" soundtrack and was played in the wedding scene. But the lyrics "I have died everyday waiting for you" always bring me to tears because that's exactly how we have felt about waiting for our future child.
—Guest Melissa

Adoption Songs for Each Child

With my two sons I have a special song between both them and I. My 10yo adopted at 6, "Keeper of the Stars" it starts "it was no accident, me finding you..." Still tear up when he busts out with his little rendition. And my 16yo foster son, who will likely be adopted by us, but is mine forever either way ;) our song is, Rascal Flattens "Won't Let Go" After reading this you may hear something totally different while listening to these songs.
—Guest Mandy

Haven't met you yet - Michael Buble

Once you listen to this song from the viewpoint of a parent in the waiting stages of being selected, you'll see what I mean. "I promise you kid, I'll give so much more than I get. I just haven't met you yet."
—Guest LB

Same/Same: Songs for Adoptive Families

I have received many great letters from adoptive families about the impact of my album of songs, written out of my experience as an adoptive dad. "Same/Same" lets kids in trans-racial adoptions celebrate their families similarities. "Mama Always Comes Back" is a funny tune that reassures children who have experienced abandonment. "Ask Me Anything" gives adopted kids permission to explore their past with their forever families. And "Sometimes I Wonder" lets them think aloud, with their parents, about their birthmother. You can find the CD at http://www.samesamecd.com
—Guest Chuck Kent

No Song - But Understand the Connection

I am not adopted, and I do not have a song however I watched the VH1 special some years ago and just thought of it. I got chills again reading what Carrie Craft wrote about Darryl McDaniels and his journey. The part that touched me the most, and what I found so significant about his connection to the song "Angel" by Sarah McLaughlin, was that she too was adopted and he never knew that. So sweet.
—Guest sis

Adoption Song - "Heroes" by the Isaacs

The song Heroes by the Isaacs is very meaningful. One of the verses is "they tried for many years to have a baby of their own but God knew a little girl who didn't have a home. Every time I listen to this song it makes me get teary-eyed. It's message is that those who serve and love children are heroes.
—Guest Momofmany

Keep Holdin On

We are just starting our foster care into an adoption process. Every time I hear this song I think of our future son(s) and or daughter(s) - that we will all make it through.
—Guest Eric and Nicole

"Show You Love" by Jars of Clay

I like "Show You Love" by Jars of Clay. It is on my blog and I remember it going around blogland while we were in process.
—Guest adascandlelight

"Return to Pooh Corner" by Kenny Loggins

I'm only 19 and I'm not adopted but for a long time I've always known I want to adopt and the song by Kenny Loggins always makes me think of my future son. It's such a sweet song and I can't wait to one day sing it to him.
—Guest Andi

Dixie Chicks Song Is a Reminder

It's not necessarily an adoption song, but the song "Lullaby" by the Dixie Chicks takes me back to bringing our now five year old son home every time. I still sing it to him at bedtime. I'll always love that song!
—Guest krivo

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