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Readers Respond: I Wish Foster Parents Knew...

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Whether you are a foster parent, a foster child, a birth parent, or perhaps a social worker - what do you wish you could tell other foster parents? How would you finish this sentence, "I Wish Foster Parents Knew..."

The truth

What they were getting into. I have been a foster parent for years and it usually doesn't matter what the birth parent does. Unless they give up the child they usually go home to the same situation. Don't have any unrealistic expectations. And docs goal is to reunify. They are pro parent and as the foster parent, very little help or support is there for you. It is hard to love a child and have them moved no matter if I know it's coming or not. Case managers don't seam to understand that foster parent has the child's interest at heart, we are the ones caring for this child 24-7 and we generally do want what is best for the child. bp are not my concern. That kid I care for is but that will not be considered only that birth parent does the minimum required by the court.
—Guest Foster mom michelle

The Law re: Casey

Being an adoption specialist, I have spent my share of time in the court room. Always, I want the assurance that the law will be applied equally to all. This, even though I am sad about it, applies to the jury's findings for Casey Anthony. A not-guilty" verdict was inevitable. There simply was not enough evidence. Now, the difficult part is that IF she did murder her daughter, she has become a very dangerous criminal-she committed a crime with no consequences other than some jail time, and got away with it legally. I will be concerned about the safety of anyone who has a relationship with her.

the importance of researching issues.

In my 20 years, I have had 20 children placed in my home. The major information that I needed was not always available, which made it a challenge to help my children. I wish Social workers had been totally honest and up front about the children they had placed in my care. For 20 years, I have had to re-educate myself with the many issues that have arisen. Total honesty would have made our relationships more successful.
—Guest Larry

A Child's Perspective

how much of a child's history impacts their ability to trust and accept the care that foster parents offer. Trust is a process and it need not matter how beautiful and loving your home is, kids need time to adapt and to trust adults again.
—Guest Donicka

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