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Readers Respond: How Do You Feel About Dave Pelzer's Life Story?

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Dave Pelzer entered the foster care system at age 12. He endured 5 different foster homes before aging out of the system at age 18. He went on to become an accomplished author, with his first book, A Child Called 'It', which details the story of the horrible abuse and neglect he suffered at the hand of his mother. But despite his world renowned books, speaking engagements, and documentation from teachers and social workers who worked with him as a youth, there are some who question the validity of his story.

What is your reaction to Dave Pelzer's life story?

a sad story for a child

It is a really sad story to hear from a child that has to pass through something not one child should pass through. I hope to some of us this story can be a help to give an example of how to be loving parents and not hate what the father GOD has given us.
—Guest sandy morato

How I feel?

I feel that Dave did something that any child of dreaming of to get out of a child abuse mother of his and i feel that dave in his books felt alive and very outstanding to all of his readers.
—Guest samantha phelan

How I Feel

I am only half way into the first book but I feel very horrified that any mother would do that to their child...I find that very mean and the person doing it should be in jail forever.
—Guest haylee johnson

No Way

I'm sorry about your past. I can honestly say that I know what you went through. At the age of 10 for me, my mom was doing drugs and etc. Still to this day i am the age 15 and still in foster care. I don't know how you do it.
—Guest Hannah Meeks

Unimaginable and Profound

I first read your book when I was 16 and I had such a passion for children and childhood to begin with for the loss of childhood I had to endure that my kind of abuse was so very different but just as horrible that when I read your book I felt compelled to reach out I cried more with every page and just wished I could have been there to help hold you anything to make the pain go away and give you some warmth now I am a mother of my own children and when I look at their wonderful beautiful faces I couldn't possibly imagine myself or ever letting anyone ever hurt them they are my world and I cherish them but even though I am much younger than you my love of my children and my hugs and kisses and love will always be shared willingly and lovingly be shared with that wonderful beautiful and amazing child you were and it continues to grow with you as you grew you David I would accept you into my family with open and loving arms you are so special and deserve much I hope your life is blessed!
—Guest Unbroken and Still Standing

`I feel so sorry am glad u fought back!!

im glad u are safe and what happened to u is tragic u are going to b better than ur alcoholic mother ur going to have food on the table and clothes and every thing for those children im ieyonna and im 11 years old luv ya !!!>3
—Guest ieyonna


IF I would be in his place I would definitely escape from that crazy house SOMETHIN IS BETTER THEN NOTHIN
—Guest Xobi

Dave Is a Trooper

Dave is a one of a kind trooper. The why he never gave up. The hell of it all. God bless you Dave.
—Guest sandman


I really feel awful for Dave and I'm happy that he survived that madhouse!!!!!
—Guest kelly

how could this happen

Why would any one think that Dave lied about what happen to him when he was a child even his own brothers said he lied when they probably saw he get beat by his own mother, all I have to say is I believe u Dave.
—Guest brittney

A Movie Should Be Made

This should definitely be made into a movie, so people can seen what happens to children when they get abused and we should never turn a cheek.
—Guest Sandra Guevarez

Total respect for you.

It is wonderful that you have come on top and that you are highly respected. But it is a shame that you had to go through what you did to become very noble. You are a hero to many and I am that you overcame such a cruel childhood.
—Guest Leela

Taken a walk in your shoes!

To (is this guy for real)...its very real I've been there. Ever been so scared before you will do anything to save yourself. My brothers and I went through the same things, different times. it is very possible for his childhood not to be reported, times have changed. abuse is taken in more now a days. My brothers and I were made to do many of the same things, and I have been in foster care for 19 years of my life because of it. When I read his books it is though I am looking into the mirror. Any non believers there is proof and a lot of it, for me. I am sure Dave has his proof as well, but he doesn't need to explain himself. Child abuse is out there, the kids who scarffs down so much food and one calls him fat, maybe there's no food at home, the kid who wheres old cloths and one calls him stinky, maybe he's got no others....its better to set out to help people then to make remarks on what is thought to have happened to someone, so before you judge think of the bigger picture. Think,help,react.
—Guest Sarah Lee


Dave you went through a lot of struggles in childhood but you stayed strong and didn't give up on your life. how can anyone treat their own child like that is ridiculous... this book is so emotional and is the saddest book i have ever read... and I'm hoping to read more of your books and I wish the best for you.........
—Guest esha

A Trip Down Memory Lane

I identified with many experiences in Dave's story, especially the holding of his hand over a gas stove, my mom's favorite.

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