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Readers Respond: You Know You're a Foster or Adoptive Father When...

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For my husband, he shared the following when he finished the sentence, "You know you're a foster or adoptive father when..."

  • ...half your kids call you "dad" and the other half by your first name.
  • ...you have an instant family in a day.
  • ...you come home from work and you have twice the number of kids you had when you left.
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Adopted Father

Thank you for writing this, sadly 14 years ago my ex husband and I parted. He remarried has a new family. My children are all adults now. He is the only father they know. He has distant himself from them. My heart hurts for them. It's been 30 years he adopted them. Any advice?
—Guest Rosaura Torres

You're a foster/adoptive Dad when...

Someone asks your child's name and you can not pronounce it correctly.
—Guest Marti

you know your a foster/adoptive father w

when you do not have a seat at the table, and you think this is a bad dream then you realize it is just Saturday morning.

You're a foster/adoptive father when...

You have three children. Their names are Skyler, Skylar and Skylee (really).
—Guest jepatterson2

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You Know You're a Foster or Adoptive Father When...

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