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Readers Respond: What Has the Father Daughter or Father Son Relationship Meant to You?

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We seem to live in a world where dad's are almost considered optional. Many men may not even realize the great importance their time may mean to a child. Take a moment to share thoughts and feelings on fathers (birth, adoptive, foster, and step fathers) and the importance a father daughter or a father son relationship has meant to you or your children.


Life is stacked against dad's when the system judges them based on woman's views, and 'best interest' of the child/ren. Women's biggest need? to be cherished, and man's biggest need? to be respected. With both of these in place, kids will thrive. Or it is domino chaos and kids bear all this headache of divorce, bitterness etc.....
—Guest woofy


So long as fathers are treated as clowns in the media, are statistically doomed to failure in family court, are viewed as unable to deal with a daughters first period etc. the USA world will always consider them as dead beat couch potatoes. "Mother child" gives us a different view than" father child". Its unjust and perpetuates by virtue of self serving lawyers, social workers and judges. For every guy sleeping in his car,utility truck or office due to a woman who has lied to a cop or judge I send my sincere sympathy. Take heart, the older these women get the less neurotic.
—Guest DOOFUS father ?
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