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What Is Respite Foster Care?



Respite care refers to one foster family caring for another family's foster children for a short amount of time. This allows for the children's original foster family to have a break. This type of foster care is especially helpful when foster children have behaviors such as seen in many therapeutic foster homes. Respite foster care is a service offered to most foster families, ask your agency for more information.

Providing respite foster care may be an easy way to start fostering. If you are nervous about providing foster care, consider licensing and offering respite care. Respite care is usually over a weekend and the respite care providers choose when they are available to take in children, so it's very flexible. You will also learn what types of behaviors you can handle and get an idea of what works best in your home for when you are ready to take in a long term placement.

Learn more about preparing for respite foster care.

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