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Links and articles related to the adoptee's needs. Search sites, support groups, and information on reunions all geared toward adoptees as well.
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Before You Go About Finding Biological Parents - for the Adoptee
What are some things to consider before finding biological parents through an adoption search and reunion? I asked our adoption forum for some ideas on adoption reunion and this is what they had to say about finding biological parents.

Dave Thomas - The Founder of Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers Restaurant
Famous adoptee and successful business man, Dave Thomas has also done a lot to help find adoptive homes for children.

Adoption Search - What Should an Adoptee Do When a Birth Parent Does …
What advice would you give the adoptee who after an adoption search is left with no contact? Due to closed adoption records, this person is still without basic answers. What are the next steps for an adoptee who is refused contact by biological family, even after a successful adoption search?

Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi Is a Famous Adoptee
Information on the reality star who was adopted as an infant.

The Charter of Adoptee Rights
This Charter was drafted as a tool for use by the Open Records movement in North America. It can be used to lobby human rights agencies, state governments, etc. to pass as part of their human rights codes, to form the basis of open records legislation (AND the right of adoptees to self-determination).

When Adoption Reunions Don't Work
Adoption reunions are not always a happy time. Sometimes birth family doesn't want to meet the adoptee. Sometimes an adoptee has no where else to turn.

Fatima Whitbread Is an Olympic Athlete and a Famous Adoptee
Overcoming many obstacles to be a world champion, learn more about this Olympic Athlete and famous adoptee.

Olympic Medalist Toby Dawson Finds Birth Father
Last February, we watched Toby Dawson ski away with a bronze medal in the Men's Freestyle Moguls event in the 2006 Winter Olympics. Dawson hoped that his Olympic win would help in his adoption search; his hope has finally paid off as he announced that he has found his birth father.

Interivew with Rapper DMC - My Adoption Journey
DMC shares thoughts on adoption reunion, adoption search and the need for open adoption records.

Gift Ideas for Birthmoms
Touching gifts that an adoptee can create for his/her birthmom.

Who's Your Daddy?
FOX has a new series out called "Who's Your Daddy?" where adoptees try to guess which man out of eight is his/her birth father.

Having Two Dad : Situation Embarrassing But Not Serious
Erik Smith, first father, writes about the open adoption he has with his 12-year-old son who was adopted as an infant. The embarrassing moments are temporary, but Erik believes that the benefits of having two dads is a blessing to his child.

glbtiQ & Adopted
"Here you will find an annotated list of articles, books, films, Web sites, blogs, and online chat groups started/written by and for queer (a term used to include gay, lesbian, bisexual, intersex and transgendered) adoptees. Being an adult adoptee and part of the GLBTIQ community is a unique identity, and it is important to know where to look for shared experiences."

Very simple definition for this adoption term.

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