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Information on the different types of adoption, as well as articles on how to decide if it's the right time to adopt a child.
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Before You Make the Decision to Adopt
It seems when it comes to the subject of adoption, the discussion begins with more questions than answers. Let's list out the most common questions asked about adoption and pour over possible answers together. Hopefully this will aid you and your family on the journey towards adopting.

What Are the Differences Between Foster Care and Adoption?
Understanding the differences between the two includes understanding parental rights.

10 Reasons Not to Adopt a Child
A different perspective on some ideas that motivate some families to adopt a child.

A School-aged Child May Be Right for Your Foster or Adoptive Family If...
The age of a child that would best fit in your family is just part of the decision making process involved in foster parenting or adoptive parenting. Would a school-aged child fits into your home? Here are a few things to consider if your are thinking about adding a school-aged child to your family.

5 Reasons to Adopt a Child
When adopting a child is a good idea.

Adoption Motivation
Thoughts on some of the motivators that bring prospective adoptive parents to choosing adoption.

Is it Time to Change Your Foster Care Agency or Adoption Agency?
A few things to consider to help you decide if it's time to change your foster care agency or adoption agency.

Comparing the Pros and Cons of Domestic and International Adoption
Deciding between an international adoption or a domestic adoption is a big decision. What are the pros and cons of an international or a domestic adoption?

Heart Galleries
What are heart galleries? Learn how heart galleries around the United States are helping waiting children find adoptive homes.

Steps Toward Completing the Adoption Process
The very basics steps needed toward completing a domestic child adoption. Adopting a child is a huge step. Get information that you need to formulate your adoption questions and gain answers about a child adoption.

Before You Start the Adoption Process
Before you take the first steps into the adoption process you may want to understand a bit of the adoption lingo that you will hear. What is an adoption home study? What is a dossier? How should I choose my adoption agency? There is a lot to consider when diving into the adoption process of an international or domestic adoption.

Older Child vs. Infant Adoptions
A listing of advantages and disadvantages of older child adoptions vs. infant adoption.

Interviewing an Adoption Professional
Mardie Caldwell, guest contributor on About Adoption & Foster Care, offers sample questions and tips on keeping track of information as adoptive parents work towards adding to their families.

What is a Home Study?
How to prepare for an adoption home study and what it all includes.

What Is an Open Adoption?
What constitutes contact in an open adoption? Gain some ideas for contact within an open adoption.

What Is an Adoption Subsidy
Do adoptive families get funding after an adoption is final? If so, how does a state determine which child needs an adoption subsidy?

Gay Adoption Basics
Information for those in the gay and lesbian community interested in adding to their families through gay adoption.

How Has the Adoption Tax Credit Changed for 2010?
There were a few major changes to the adoption tax credit for 2010. The adoption tax credit for 2010 and the changes that occurred is great news for adoptive parents.

What Is a Heart Gallery?
The idea of a Heart Gallery has helped approximately 1000 foster children to find adoptive homes. Learn more about the Heart Gallery and how it came to be.

Adoption Stories - When We Became a Forever Family
Take a moment and read the adoption stories of other adoptive parents. If you have added a child or children to your home through adoption, take a moment and share your adoption story.

Hosting an Adoption Baby Shower
An adoption baby shower is a great way to welcome a new child into the family. Learn more about hosting an adoption baby shower and how to make the event special for the whole family.

Adoption Choice - How Did You Decide Between a Domestic or International...
When weighing out the pros and cons of adoption choice, how did you make the final decision? How did you decide between a domestic or international adoption? What helped you make your final adoption choice?

Adoption Baby Shower Word Scramble
Create a fun adoption baby shower game with adoption themed words.

The Pros and Cons of an Open Adoption
While it can be a tricky arraignment an open adoption is often in the child's best interest. However, there are often pros and cons to choosing this option.

Coping with an Open Adoption
Tips for birth and adoptive family members in managing an open adoption.

The Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute Explores Adoptive Parent Preparation
New research from the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute suggests that there is a strong need for more preparation for adoptive parents and those who serve the adopted children. Much of the focus was on mental health care workers and the need for more professionals who have a strong understanding of adoption and adoption issues.

How DNA Testing Can Ease an Adoptive Parent's Mind
DNA testing can help ease an adoptive parent's mind by establishing paternity in domestic adoption cases or the absence of child-trafficking in international adoptions. DNA testing is an almost must with today's adoptions.

Finding the Right Adoption Professional
How much money? How much time? Will I lose money after the adoption agency's contract runs out? Be smart, ask the right questions to your adoption professional.

Single Parent Adoption and Women
More single woman are turning toward adoption as an option to bring children into their lives. Negative social stigma is just one of the challenges for those who choose single parent adoption.

Adoption FAQ's
A grouping of adoption and foster care FAQ's.

Consent to Adoption FAQ's
Find basic information on consent to adoptions. Learn more about consents.

Age, Sex, Needs...
What Needs Can You Meet? What kind of a child should you adopt? What can you handle?

What Is a Foster Father or Adoptive Father?
What is a foster father or an adoptive father? What makes him the great Dad that he is? A tribute to foster fathers and adoptive fathers.

Dealing with Anger and Depression
An article by Mardie Caldwell, about dealing with depression and controlling anger during the adoption process. Great adoption information for new adoptive families needing to manage depression and have better anger control.

How to Write a Post Adoption Report
Post adoption reports are mainly required after an international adoption and are very important. Learn how to prepare for a post adoption report.

How to Prepare Yourself to Talk About Adoption
Different ways to learn about adoption and avenues for talking about adoption issues.

Child Adoption During a Natural Disaster
Interested in helping through child adoption? Want to adopt a tsunami orphan? Child adoption not an option at this time - here are the reasons why.

Home Study FAQ's
What are the most common questions asked about home studies?

Should I Adopt?
Questions to help those considering adoption.

What is an Adoptive Mother?
My tribute to adoptive mothers everywhere.

Most Asked Adoption and Foster Care Questions
Top most asked adoption and foster care questions.

Adoption & Foster Care Medical Terminology
Diagnosis, Diseases, and Conditions - part of parenting children - whether foster children or adoptive children - is taking care of sickness. Here is a handy glossary of often dealt with conditions. Conditions typical for international adoption have been included.

Adoption Glossary
Adoption Glossary on About.com that features many adoption related words and terms that are commonly used within the adoption and foster care system.

Craving Parenthood
Written by Marriage Guides, Sheri & Bob Stritof, a great article dealing with the stress of wanting children, but having that dream unrealized.

A quick definition of the term.

Adoption Agency - How Did You Choose Your Adoption Agency?
Share tips and advice to other adoptive families who may be searching for the right adoption agency. How did you choose your adoption agency? Is there anything you would do differently?

Adopt a Child - How Did You Tell Others You Were Going to Adopt a Child
Couples come up with such cute ways to share news of their upcoming wedding, a pregnancy, even the sex of their baby. I've seen the same creativity when it comes to families sharing that they were going to adopt a child. How did you tell others your plan to adopt a child?

What One Adoption Topic Would You Want to Discuss with Family or Friends?
What is the one adoption topic that you believe your family and friends need an updated education?

Understanding Adoption
An article from Families Online Magazine that presents a quick overview on adoption.

Adoption Stories - When We Became a Forever Family
Take a moment to brag about the moment you became an adoptive family. Share your adoption story here. See submissions

Adoptive Parents
A definition of the term adoptive parent.

Understanding and Managing the Loss that Comes with a Forever Family
Prepare for adoption by first preparing for the losses that come with adoption finalization. Thoughtful and helpful tips.

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