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Adopting from North Carolina


Requirements for Completing a Foster Care Adoption in North Carolina:

The requirements to adopt a foster child in North Carolina is very similar to other states:

  • You must be at least eighteen years old.
  • You can be single or married.
  • You can rent or own your own home.

Steps to Completing a Foster Care Adoption In North Carolina:

  • Choose an adoption agency. In North Carolina it is possible to work with a public or private adoption agency (licensed agencies in N.C.). Ask a lot of questions about the process and the fees involved, if any.

  • Complete an adoption application. Background checks will also be completed. Be prepared to share with the agency the type of child you feel will work best in your family.

  • Enroll in and take PS-MAPP classes and a work with a social worker on your pre-placement assessment for adoption.

  • Identify waiting children in need of adoptive families. Do remember that the process is about the needs of the child and choosing the very best adoptive family for the child.

  • Submit your interest in a child or sibling set to the NC Kids Consultant over the child or children.

  • Begin visits with your identified child.

  • Bring your child home and begin attaching.

  • Supervision and waiting for the mandatory six month wait until finalization in court. The six months may be waived in some instances.

  • Finalize the adoption in court.

Contact Information:

If you would like more information please call: 888-625-4375 or email nc.kids@dhhs.nc.gov.

Contact information for all 100 North Carolina County Departments of Social Services can be found at this website.

Contact information for private agencies in North Carlina can be found at this website.

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