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Birth Father Rights

Various articles discussing the issue of birth father rights and helping fathers maintain those rights.

Information on the Putative Father Registry of Virginia.

Rebuttal to NCFA's E-Memo
Erik L. Smith thought that Florida's Adoption Act and Putative Father Registries were very confusing. Now it appears that the courts agree, but the National Council For Adoption (NCFA)is arguing that the courts were wrong. Mr. Smith offers a rebuttal to the NCFA's assertions.

Response to Soule Editorial
Erik L. Smith offers his strong opinion on 1991 Editorial by Dave and Peggy Soule: It Takes More Than Sex to be a Dad.

Birth Father-Putative Father Registry-Birth Father
Information on the Putative Father Registry of Massachusetts.

Having Two Dad : Situation Embarrassing But Not Serious
Erik Smith fought the adoptive parents for over a year for custody of his infant son. The two parties decided on a custody arrangement which gave Smith liberal visitation rights. The embarrassing moments that his child may feel trying to explain his two dads are temporary. Smith believes that having both fathers in his son’s life is a huge benefit to his child.

Birth Father Registries
Birth father rights are important and perhaps the registries are the best option available, but what changes need to be made to ensure that the father's are involved?

The Ohio Putative Father Registry - The What?
Erik Smith struggles to sign the very registry he needs to sign in order to maintain his rights as a potential father. Read his interesting story here.

National Directory of Putative Father Registries
An explanation of the putative father registry as well as a listing of the states that have such a registry. Complete with contact information. By Erik Smith

Response to "The Need for Birth Father Registries"
Erik L. Smith, a birth father, responds to Mardie Caldwell's thoughts on birth father registries.

Case Report - Ohio
Case study of a teen father and his parents trying to work the system in Ohio.

The Need for State Birth Father Registries
Pro birth father registry article outlining reasons and positive outcomes for such a registry. Written by Mardie Caldwell.

Indiana's Putative Father Registry Succeeds
A positive look at the registries, including reasons why they are needed.

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