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5 Gift Ideas for Birth Parents

Ideas for the Adult Adoptee


Touching gifts that an adult adoptee can create for his/her birth parent.

  1. Share a favorite childhood picture with your birth parent and write a little something about it.

  2. Write a poem or short story telling your birth parent how your life is enriched by their being in your life.

  3. Select a picture or take a video of yourself performing one of your talents like running, dancing, art, or music. Frame the picture and attach a note that reads, "Thanks for the gift of music(for example)."

  4. Send a simple greeting card. There are several adoption themed cards on the market that may say exactly what you are feeling. Don't feel pressured to come up with a sentiment that you are unsure of in the beginning of a reunion.

  5. Handmade gifts are truly gifts from the heart. So if you are wishing to create something unique for a loved one consider these ideas. Cute projects made from the hand and foot prints of your little one.

Thanks to Southernroots, host of our forum and a birthmother, for helping to create some of the above ideas.

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