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3 Days to Writing Awesome Documentation

Written Documentation Is an Important Foster and Adoptive Parenting Skill


There are many things I'm passionate about regarding foster care and adoption, but written documentation is one of the biggest. Why? Because my family has been through many rough patches as foster and adoptive parents, and written documentation has been one of the things that has consistently helped us and our children the most. This is why I decided to create this ecourse to assist other foster and adoptive parents in increasing this important skill.

You can start at day one and follow through below with the day to day links, or sign up for 3 daily email lessons.

Day 1: Why Foster Homes Need to Learn the Skill of Documentation

What You'll Learn Today

  1. What is documentation?
  2. Why documentation is an important skill for foster parents to develop.
  3. Why documentation is time well spent.

Day 2: Documentation Is One Foster Parenting Skill that Has Many Benefits

What You'll Learn Today

  1. How documentation can help children in foster care.
  2. How documentation can be an 'insurance policy' for foster parents.
  3. How effective documentation can continue to help adoptive parents and their children.

Day 3: How to Write Effective Documentation as a Foster or Adoptive Parent

What You'll Learn Today

  1. What documentation tools can help with your goal of writing effective documentation.
  2. What incidents or events to document.
  3. How to write and how not to write documentation as a foster or adoptive parent.

Quiz: True or False Quiz on Foster Parent Requirements on Documentation

What Did You Learn

Test your knowledge with this quick and easy true/false quiz.

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