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The Visit

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The Visit

The Visit Photo © Images provided by special permission from the

Child Welfare League of America, Washington, DC (http://www.cwla.org)
Written by a child who was adopted from the foster care system, "The Visit" brings to light the combination of feelings associated with visiting birth family. The young author tells about being happy to go to the visits and the sadness she feels when she leaves. Even through the sadness she also tells about how the visits "make her happy" because she gets to see her brothers and sister. I hope that this book will remind foster parents about the normal feelings that go along with visits.


Illustrated by the 6-year-old author Latisha Herbert and her older brother Shaun Herbert. Shaun assisted with the illustrations that were more difficult for Latisha, such as the ones showing action or proper body proportions.

The illustrations will catch a child's eye and depicts emotions that children can identify with.

About the Author

Latisha Herbert came into foster care at the age of two. She was adopted at the age of five with her sibling Stefon. They have three other birth siblings in which they remain in contact with as well as two other adopted siblings.

Latisha, at the age of six wrote "The Visit" which is a subject that touches almost every foster child's life - visits with birth family. Visits are a time of joy and sadness, Latisha has captured these feelings with her words and illustrations.

Final Thoughts and Information

"The Visit" is an honestly written book by an expert on the subject - a former foster child.

"The Visit" is recommended for children ages 4-8.

(Published by Child Welfare League of America, Inc., 1991 ISBN 0-87868-477-8) More From the Herbert Children:
"I Miss My Foster Parents" - Stefon Herbert

"Being Adopted" - Stephanie Herbert
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