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How to Search

Beginnings - learning how to go about starting a search.

How to Find Someone

I have compiled a list of resources to help you find someone through Internet searches. Finding your someone on the Internet is only half of the adoption search process, preparation for the adoption reunion is the other half. Remember, before embarking on an adoption search

  • check your expectations regarding contact
  • prepare for all reactions, including rejection
  • prepare e…

    What Is a State Adoption Registry?
    Learn more about your State's adoption registry and how to utilize it in an adoption search.

    Where Do I Find the State and Local Numbers on My Birth Certificate?
    If you are an adoptee searching for your birth family, your adoption search angel may request numbers off of your birth certificate. Learn why are these numbers off of your birth certificate important during an adoption search.

    Identifying Information Defined
    A simple definition for the term identifying information.

    Which States Have Open Adoption Records?
    According to the Child Welfare Information Gateway and The American Adoption Congress only a few States offer open adoption records. Do you live in a State with open adoption records?

    How Do I Obtain My Non-identifying Information from My Adopti…
    A very important first step in an adoption search towards is to access your non-identifying information from your adoption records. How each State handles adoption records varies. Learn how your State handles this very important information.

    Write Everything You Know to Find Birth Parents
    Unfortunately many seeking to find birth parents discount some information thinking it's not important. Remember that every detail counts when trying to find birth parents.

    The Adoption Search Questionnaire
    A handy tool that assists with adoption searches.

    Things to Do to Help Find Family Separated by Adoption
    I asked the adoption search angels here on About.com on what they would tell a searcher to do when trying to find family separated by adoption. They were all very clear on the first steps and had specific advice for those searching. Here are some things you can do first to find family members.

    Shea's Search Series
    An awesome collection of essays on how to begin an adoption search. Highly recommended by most adoptees.

    Cyndi's List - Adoption
    An excellent resource! A comprehensive list of general sites, mailings lists, news groups, and chat sites. Professional and volunteer searches are listed as well as supplies and software.

    US Newspaper List
    Great online resource.

    Black Book Online
    Tons of free searches from death index to various state records.

    Adoption Search and Reunion - UK
    "This Web site provides information for adopted people, birth relatives and also adoptive parents in England and Wales. It also provides information for agencies, professionals and volunteers who provide services for adopted people and their birth and adoptive relatives. The information available on this website applies to adoptions that were made before the 30th December 2005."

    Arizona Search and Support
    A large Yahoo group for adoptees, parents and family searching for each other. Many other states are represented within the group beyond Arizona. A great group to learn searching techniques, ask questions, and gain answers. No paid searches. You must join to participate.

    Assets and Family Research Consultants
    Professional searcher located in Ontario Canada, who has been doing this work for over 24 years. "I am licensed , bonded, insured. Can supply references. My search expertise covers all of Canada, Great Britain, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, California, Ohio, Texas , Arizona, Michigan."

    UT Parent
    A great site with helpful articles and links.

    Adoption Crossroads
    "The largest search and support network in the world for Adoptees and Parents who lost children to adoption; a non-profit charitable organization with over 475 Adoption Search and Support Groups world-wide."

    Adoptee Searcher's Handbook
    An excellent resource for those beginning to search.

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