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Adoption and foster care news is usually a hot topic. Find adoption news or locate an adoption children's book review or adoption themed movie or T.V. review.
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What We Can Learn from the Oprah Reunion
While many in the adoption community hope that the Oprah reunion with her sister she never knew will bring about positive changes in establishing equal rights in adoption. I feel that there are other lessons in the adoption reunion for those still searching. Lessons we can learn now from the Oprah reunion, if we are open to learning them.

Oprah's Big Secret Adoption Connection
Oprah's big secret is revealed in a January 2011, episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show. Learn more about Oprah's big secret and Oprah's adoption connection.

Reaching Out to Help Orphans by Adopting from Haiti
Learn more about adopting from Haiti and helping the children of Haiti at this tragic time.

The Ongoing Custody Battle for Michael Jackson's Children
It seemed like the world couldn't get enough of Michael Jackson. After his sudden death in June 2009, it seemed like there could never be enough coverage or information about his life, his death, or his children. Who will gain custody of Michael Jackson's children?

Dave Pelzer - Famous Foster Child Dave Pelzer Wrote A Child Called It
Dave Pelzer endured years of abuse and five different foster homes, but he grew up and become an accomplished author. What is your reaction to Dave Pelzer's story?

2008 Adoption News - A Year in Review
2008 was another very busy year for adoption and foster care news and events, from Madonna's celebrity adoption controversy to the USA ratifying the Hague Treaty. There was a lot happening and lots to debate.

Amy Rogers Nazarov
Learn more about About.com guest author, Amy Rogers Nazarov.

Adoption Quizzes
Do you know which celebrity was adopted? How about famous adoptive parents? A growing collection of quizzes about your favorite celebrities that also have an adoption connection!

Name that Adoption or Foster Care Themed Children's Book
How well do you know your children's books? Been reading "Shaoey and Dot" every night? Are you seeing "Nikolai, the Only Bear" in your dreams? Or have you been doing some young adult reading and just finished up "The Last Chance Texaco" or "Anne of Green Gables" for the tenth time? Test your knowledge and see if you can Name that Adoption or Foster Care Themed Children's Book!

Adoption Polls
A listing of several polls focused on different topics and aimed at different members of the triad, polls are useful in learning what others think and feel about adoption.

Fun Things to Do With Children's Adoption Books
Reading adoption books can become more fun with activities and recipes that go along with the story. Add more fun to your reading time with these crafts and recipes. Adoption books, crafts, and food can help a child learn about his/her culture.

Natural Disaster - Well Wishes and Prayers to Children Suffering in a Natural...
When we are not able to physically help during a natural disaster, sometimes all we have left is the opportunity to share well wishes and prayers to children and families in need. Share your thoughts to those suffering a natural disaster.

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