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Top 15 Adoptive Parent Blogs

Adoptive Parents Share their Journey in their Adoption Blog


Blogging has become the newest way to journal not only life events, but deep feelings about those life events. Adoption is very stressful and many adoptive parents have looked to blogs as a way to vent. Often very personal,varied emotions, and sometimes funny - an adoption blog is a wonderful way to see how "the other half" lives. There is no way I would want to try to determine which adoption blog was better than the other, so take a peek into the world of adoptive parents through their adoption blog, listed below in alphabetical order.

List updated January 2010.

A+A Adopt a Baby

This Caucasian couple share their adoption journey as they go through the process toward adopting an African American child. They expect to discuss the adoption process as well as transracial adoption, culture, and adoptive parenting.

Adoption Talk

Follow this busy adoptive mom as she shares beautiful pictures of her daughters, adopted from China, intermingled with deep talks about all things adoption.


Follow 5 different adoptive dads as they blog the adoption journey they share with their wives and children. Many of the adoptive dads are also foster fathers and they share what they have learned about birth family, culture and other foster and adoption issues. Enjoy a male's perspective on adoption through this adoption blog.

Always and Forever Family

From the blogger ~ "I blog about my husband and my daughter, our open adoption, transracial adoption, and hair care. And sometimes I blog about nothing."

American Family

This adoption blog features the life and times of one mama, a Taiwanese father, a bio daughter, and an adopted daughter from China. Within the blogging about these cast of characters is a lot of information about adoption, race and culture.


A former English teacher and stay-at-home mom to a little girl through a domestic, open adoption. Karen and her husband are expecting their second adoption in April of 2010. Read along as Karen shares the joys of parenting a toddler and the complex feelings of waiting on adoption number 2.

Do They Have Salsa in China?

This family announced that they were "getting schooled in international adoption" a few years ago and seems to continue getting schooled in the adoptive parenting of their daughters. The couple adopted twin girls from Hubei, China in Oct 2006, and this adoption blog is about that adoption and their lives with the "twinados," Ro and Ree.

Life in the Grateful House

Adoptive parent to a special needs child shares the journey in her adoption blog. Read along as she shares the "grumpies" and the "yuckies" of living with a child suffering from RAD. Added bonus? Read how the child feels in her adoption blog, Journey to Being a Normal Little Kid .

Navigating the Maze: Adoptive Parenting and Life

A same-gender couple share their experiences as adoptive parents to a teen girl that they adopted from the foster care system. They are experiencing tough behaviors from the child, and they share it freely on their adoption blog. May be a difficult read for some, but important to realize that every adoption story is unique, and many adoptive parents seek support from their adoption blog readers.

Our Little Tongginator

Straight from the blogger herself: "People usually stick around Our Little Tongginator for one of five reasons:
  1. My pathetic parenting and tremendous ability to embarrass myself makes them feel better about their own lives.
  2. The Tongginator makes them laugh. A lot.
  3. Their lives have been touched by adoption in some way.
  4. They want to move into the house that's for sale just down the street. Because they know our neighbors are the coolest people in the world. Truly.
  5. They adore China. And Chinese culture. And love to imagine me speaking Mandarin with a southern accent."
What will be your reason for loving this great adoption blog?
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