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Foster Family Vacation Planning
Foster family vacation planning begins with knowing your family and your foster child. Begin there with realistic expectations of both and your family vacation planning should be easy! If not, here are a few things to consider to help you get started.

What Are the Five Love Languages?
Learn how understanding the five love languages can help your foster and adoptive family.

Behavior Tracking May Continue to Be Important Even Post Adoption
Continued documentation and behavior tracking long after a foster care adoption along with notes and reports from school can become invaluable in helping children not only continue in therapy, but receive long-term inpatient care as needed.

Foster Kids in the Kitchen
Some foster parents would rather not have their foster kids in the kitchen for any reason. Some foster parents point out that the kids have poor hygiene or lack of proper cooking etiquette, but sometimes it may be just plain control issues on the foster parent's part. Here are a few pointers or reasons I think having foster kids in the kitchen...

Help a Foster Child Move with Dignity with a Fun Decorated Tote
Pack your foster child's items in a fun tote and not a trash bag.

What Is Child Abuse?
Learn more about what exactly is considered child abuse?

Parent Support - What Is Your Favorite Source of Parent Support?
So, it's been a long day and you really need a helping hand or an understanding ear or a 3 pound bag of M&M's. What is your favorite source of parent support?

Rude Comments - What Hurtful or Rude Questions and Comments Have You …
Many foster and adoptive parents have had to handle rude comments and rude questions regarding their children. Often things are being said by adults, not school children, like usual. Share yur favorite rude or hurtful comment.

What Is a Cover Story and How Can It Help Foster Children?
Cover Stories are just that - stories to provide cover or protection. Using cover stories is not about telling lies, it's about keeping information private that could be used to tease and harass. By doing so we are trying to create the best possible environment for our foster children.

Parenting Skills - What Parenting Skills or Techniques Have You Found…
I train PS-MAPP classes with a foster/adoptive parent friend. She calls parenting skills her "bag of tricks" or a "buffet of discipline" and she will tell you that she likes to have numerous ideas ready to go when needed. So, what parenting skills are in your bag of tricks? What is being served from your buffet of discipline? Share your parenting skills and tips with other foster/adoptive parents.

Activities for Kids in Foster Care
Ideas to help keep your kids busy during breaks from school. Saving your sanity and giving them something to do.

10 Things to do When Your Foster Children Don’t Get Along
What do you do when your foster care children don't get along? How can you establish peace within your foster home? Here are 10 ideas to help when doing foster care.

How Have You Created a Connection with Your Foster or Adoptive Child?
Creating a connection with your foster or adopted child is part of parenting. Sometimes, it just doesn't happen naturally and we may need some ideas from other foster parents or adoptive parents. When it comes to older children, a connection can take a bit more work.

Foster Parents Often Foster the Whole Family
Fostering connections with the birth family is extremely important to family reunification and foster parents are a part of the process. Ideas to help form a bond between foster parents and birth family

When Foster Parents First Meet Birth Family
Find ideas that may help foster parents form a bond with birth family.

What Is Developmental Grieving?
What is developmental grieving in foster care and adopted children? What are some times to be aware of as grieving triggers as we parent these children?

Why Choose an Open Adoption?
An open adoption is an adoptive family and birth family keeping in contact for the benefit of a child. While it can be a tricky arraignment it is often in the child's best interest. However there are pros and cons to choosing an open adoption.

A Typical Fathers Day May Mean Something Different for Foster Fathers
A typical fathers day may mean something different for a foster or adoptive father. So, what is a day in the life of a foster or adoptive father like?

Father Daughter Relationship and Father Son Relationship - Sharing S…
The About.com Adoption & Foster Care readers share their thoughts on fathers and the importance of a father son relationship as well as a father daughter relationship. These are the words from members regarding birth, adoptive, and step fathers and their relationships.

Mulligan Family Open Up About Their Russian Adoptions
After the Mulligans were interviewed on 20/20 regarding their difficult journey as adoptive parents to three Russian children, many had more questions. I got to speak to the family for 3 hours and the Mulligans cleared up some misconceptions about them, their children and Russian adoption.

Coping with an Open Adoption
Any relationship can be tricky, however very few relationships will be as tricky as those within an open adoption. An open adoption may be one of the most important relationships in your and your child's life.

Why is Physical Touch so Important to Children & Teens?
Physical touch is very important to the health and development of infants and babies. Is physical touch still important to older children?

All About Open Adoption
Open adoptions can be very beneficial to children. As is the case with many decisions in life, there are pros and cons to choosing an open adoption. There is always much to learn.

What Are the Cons of an Open Adoption?
An open adoption has many pros and cons. Here is the list of cons for open adoption.

What Are the Pros of Having an Open Adoption?
Open adoptions can be very beneficial to children. As is the case with many decisions in life, there are pros and cons to choosing an open adoption. Here are the pros of open adoptions.

When Is an Open Adoption Not a Good Idea?
There are times when an open adoption is not in the best interest of a child. This is usually due to safety issues and is often the case in foster care adoptions.

What Is an Open Adoption?
What constitutes contact in an open adoption? Gain some ideas for contact within an open adoption.

Reluctant to Be a Dad
Some men are afraid to become an adoptive or foster parent. How to help your man ease into fatherhood.

Celebrating Father's Day for Adoptive, Foster & Birth Fathers

Nothing brings tears to my eyes like the song by Holly Dunn, Daddy's Hands. Nothing gets to my husband like the song by Bob Carlisle, Butterfly Kisses. There is just an extra special connection that most kids have with their fathers and fathers with their kids. So, celebrating Father's Day has got to be extra special.

How to Open a Closed Adoption
With a minor child, adoptive parents are still very much a part of the process of opening a closed adoption or starting an adoption reunion. The process will include the following on the part of the adoptive parent: open communication that involves listening flexibility being aware of own feelings Don t be surprised when feelings of...

Step-by-Step Guide to Raising Bilingual Children
Step-by-step guide on how to raise a bilingual child. In international adoptions we are faced with the need to help our children maintain some sort of tie to their birth country. Helping the children acquire or maintain their second language is one way to meet this need.

Preparing Foster Children and Newly Adopted Children for Halloween
Halloween is a fun fall holiday, but can be very scary for foster or newly adopted children. Prepare your children for trick-or-treating, before sending them out on their first Halloween.

Having Two Dad : Situation Embarrassing But Not Serious
Erik Smith fought the adoptive parents for over a year for custody of his infant son. The two parties decided on a custody arrangement which gave Smith liberal visitation rights. The embarrassing moments that his child may feel trying to explain his two dads are temporary. Smith believes that having both fathers in his son’s life is a huge benefit to his child.

Child Abuse Risk Factors
There are several factors that may lead to child abuse. Learn more about these factors.

The Aftermath of Katrina and Rita Could Include Child Abuse
Natural disasters could lead to child abuse as parents lose control under stress. New study shows sad results after Hurricane Floyd in 1999.

Avoiding Child Abuse in Times of Stress: Coping Skills for Parents
Coping skills for parents for times of stress and depression. Avoid child abuse with a few simple tips.

Busy Dads Take the Time
8 ways that busy dads can stay involved in their child's life.

All About Grief and Loss in Children
All about grief and loss in children. How does grief effect a child? What are some ways to help a child grieve? What may impact a foster child's grief?

Foster Parenting and Potty Training - Working Together
Potty training a foster child can be a challenge, but also may present a wonderful opportunity of bonding and co-parenting with the birth family. Learn some things to think about when starting the potty training process.

Finding Sex Offenders
From our About Guide to Pediatrics, Vincent Iannelli, M.D., each state maintains a website where you can find the location of registered sex offenders. Know your neighbors!

Coping with a Tragedy
From our About Guide to Pediatrics, Vincent Iannelli, M.D. "Whether it is a school shooting, natural disaster, such as an earthquake, tsunami or hurricane, or a terrorist bombing, special attention must be paid to our children to help them cope and understand what has happened."

Books to Grow With - A Review
Children's Book Guide, Liz Kennedy reviews this book that lists a selection of children's books that may assist a child in dealing with a variety of challenging situations.

Cultural Bedtime Stories for Interracial Adoptive or Foster Families
Culture stories to read to your children at bedtime for a time of bonding and learning about different cultures. Find several options for culture stories that would make great bedtime stories for children.

Journal Questions for Kids Who are Adopted or in Foster Care
A list of questions to help foster children get started with a journal.

Adoption and Foster Care Medical Terminology
Diagnosis, Diseases, and Conditions - part of parenting children - whether foster children or adoptive children - is taking care of sickness. Here is a handy glossary of often dealt with conditions. Conditions typical for international adoption have been included.

The Unnecessary Parent
Great article from our Guide to Child Care, Robin McClure. What is the ultimate goal of every parent? To one day be out of a job!

Parenting Book: Beyond Consequences, Logic, and Control
Beyond Consequences, Logic, and Control - A Love Based Approach to Helping Children with Severe Behaviors is a parenting book that offers new approaches in dealing with children who have suffered severe trauma. Readers and parents share their viewpoints and assessments on the techniques taught and if their approach to working with traumatized...

Need a Break?
Preparing for respite care.

Elements that Impact a Foster or an Adopted Child's Grief
What may impact a foster or adopted child's grief? His age? The amount of support before or after a traumatic event? Learn more.

8 Ways to Help Children Grieve
We may feel helpless when our children are suffering a loss. Here are 8 different ways to help our children grieve.

Developmental Grieving
An article dealing with the sadness that may effect the adoptive or foster child during special times of the year.

Submit Your Foster Parenting Tips
Are you a foster parent? If so, now you can share your foster parenting tips with other foster parents. Submit your own stories and parenting tips and have it posted for new foster parents or even experienced foster parents to read. It's simple, just fill out the forms and click preview to see how your parenting tips look, then click the submit...

Submit Your Adoptive Parenting Advice
Take this opportunity to share parenting advice with other adoptive parents.

For A Child's H.E.A.R.T., Inc.
"Is located in Vallejo, CA, and is a non-profit organization which provides therapeutic and support services to children living in foster/adoptive care, and their care providers. Their goal is to motivate, encourage, and support foster/adoptive youth and caregivers in enduring the hard times with a sense of hope."

Rainbowkids.com for Kids
Find activity and color pages for adopted children. A fun way for kids to learn about their diverse culture.

Family Helper - Heart of Adoption
Adoptive parent Leceta Chisholm Guibault offers great insights as she relates her family experiences returning to the children's birth countries of Colombia and Guatemala.

Baby Carrier
From the site: "InstinctiveParenting.com is devoted to promoting and supporting secure healthy attachment between parents and children. We provide a comprehensive range of baby slings and baby carriers to suit every mood and occasion."

The Ways We Have Made an Open Adoption Work in Our Family
Share how you and your family have made an open adoption work in your family. How have you included birth siblings, birth parents, or other members of a child's family a part of your child's life?

Birth Child
A definition for the term birth child. The term birth child is often used in the adoption and foster care community.

Adoption & Foster Care Medical Terminology
Information on various medical and psychological issues faced by children in care.

Managing Your Picky Eaters - Tips for Foster Families with New Placements
Tips and ideas for helping foster children to try new foods and recipes.

Everything You Need to Know About Lifebooks and Your Child
A hub of basic information on the subject of foster parenting, adoptive parenting, and lifebooks.

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