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Behavior Tracking May Continue to Be Important Even Post Adoption


Question: Behavior Tracking May Continue to Be Important Even Post Adoption

It is faulty thinking if one believes that after adopting a child it is no longer necessary to be concerned with documentation.


Continued documentation and behavior tracking long after a foster care adoption along with notes and reports from school can become invaluable in helping children not only continue in therapy, but receive long-term inpatient care as needed.

Behavior tracking can assist with:
  • diagnosis,
  • ongoing therapies,
  • medication evaluations,
  • additional case mangers and workers,
  • supports needed during school or after school,
  • inpatient programs,
  • independent living programs and other living arrangements,
  • noting progress as to what was working or not working.

Also document when you have attempted to find help and were turned away. This too may be helpful in rattling cages, as needed, especially when life with the deterioration of a troubled child continues.

Many adoptive parents don't regret the time spent in continued behavior tracking as it has helped their children and families. But know that I'm not saying that every adoptive family needs such continued behavior tracking. Not every adopted child will need services. You will know what your child needs and what to do as a family to best help your child.

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