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When Is an Open Adoption Not a Good Idea?


Question: When Is an Open Adoption Not a Good Idea?

There are times when an open adoption is not in the best interest of a child. This is usually due to safety issues and is often the case in foster care adoptions.

Some Safety Concerns in Open Adoptions

  • birth family gang involvement
  • excessive drug & alcohol use - birth family may attend a visit under the influence and out of control - contact may be best through letters or phone calls in such cases
  • history of extreme abuse, visitation may re-traumatize child
  • history of sexual abuse, again traumatic
  • adoptive parents have been threatened
  • If you are having a tough time making a decision on whether to choose an open adoption, consult a professional, such as a social worker or therapist who is familiar with your family and the child's case.

    Give this decision a lot of thought. There are many pros to an open adoption and cons to an open adoption. An open adoption may ultimately be in your child's best interest.

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