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Parenting with The Five Love Languages Includes Acts of Service

How Do You Show Your Child the Love Language Service?


Many of the things we do for our children daily include the love language acts of service.

One of the five love languages includes acts of service. Many of the things we do for our children daily include the love language acts of service.

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According to Dr. Chapman, author of The Five Love Languages, we all feel love and give love to others through one of the five love languages, but we all have a primary love language in which we best feel loved. One of the love languages is acts of service.

If your child seems to thrive on the Love Language Acts of Service, here are a few ideas on how to show the love language with acts of service. As a parent, this love language may be pretty simple, a lot of these ideas may be things you already do for your child.

  1. Make your child's favorite meal.
  2. Announce that you will be doing your child's chore today by saying, "Because I love you, I will do the dishes tonight."
  3. Help your child with homework.
  4. Help your child pick-up a mess, without nagging.
  5. Drive your child and a few friends to a park.
  6. Help take care of your child's pet a few times a week.
  7. Make your child's bed with a surprise under the pillow.
  8. Provide your child with two, "I Forgot My Homework or Lunch" certificates to use during each semester of school. After that, mom or dad may require an exchange of services.
  9. Assist your child with sorting, washing or folding their laundry.
  10. Remind your child often that you do these things and more, because you love them.

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