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Articles and information for the expectant mother or unwed mother or father considering placing their child for adoption.
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Before You Choose to Make an Adoption Plan for Your Baby
Expectant mothers have a lot to consider when looking at parenting or adoption for their babies. They also have many resources available. Find a listing of resources helpful to expectant mothers looking to place their babies for adoption or choosing to parent.

Once You've Decided That Adoption Is Right for Your Baby
The next steps for the expectant mother after deciding that adoption is the right choice for her baby.

All About Open Adoptions for Birth and Placing Parents
Learn more about open adoption including the dynamics of an open adoption, as well as personal stories. Information to help you decide if an open adoption arrangement is right for you, the child, and your family.

What Is an Open Adoption?
What constitutes contact in an open adoption? Gain some ideas for contact within an open adoption.

Why Choose an Open Adoption?
While open adoption is often in the child's best interest, there are always pros and cons to any relationship.

What Are the Pros of an Open Adoption for Birth Family?
A list of positives that can come from an open adoption relationship between birth family and an adoptee.

What Are the Cons of an Open Adoption for Birth Family?
A listing of the possible negatives that may be associated with an open adoption.

What Should Birth Parents Not Expect in an Open Adoption?
A quick reality check for birth parents as they decide on the level of contact within an open adoption.

Coping with an Open Adoption
Tips and strategies for birth and adoptive family members in how to best manage an open adoption.

What Are the Differences in the Level of Contact in Open Adoptions?
There are three main types of adoptive relationships. The level of contact within each falls along a continuum. At what level would you feel comfortable with an open adoption?

Common Myths About Open Adoption
There are many myths about open adoptions. Which open adoption myth have you heard before? Which ones do you believe? Explore the truth about open adoption.

Adoption an Option?
What are the reasons for and against placing a child for adoption? Are there resources available to help me parent my own child?

Diary of a Mother
Follow this pregnancy journal of a mother who is in the process of choosing to place her child for adoption. Read as she moves into the Gladney Center and starts the process of deciding. Lessons for life can be learned when we see situations from all sides. In "Diary of a Mother" all involved in the adoption triad can learn.

Choosing to Parent
Unexpected pregnancy and making choices on whether to parent or place for adoption? Here is a list of resources that can be found on-line and/or in your community. Being informed helps you to make the best choice possible for your family and unborn child.

Pregnant? Who Can Help?
A list of places to turn to within your community when you discover that you are expecting. Easily found in your local yellow pages

Pregnant and Deciding - On-Line Support
A page of on-line resources for expectant parents who are considering adoption.

One Birthmother's Story
The story of one mother making the most difficult decision of her life. Her struggles and the emotions she went through and still goes through.

Preventing Your Infant from Being Adopted Without Your Consent
Legal information and how-to's for fathers to preserve their parental rights to be either a part of the adoption process or parent their own child.

The Ohio Putative Father Registry - The What?
Erik Smith struggles to sign the very registry he needs to sign in order to maintain his rights as a potential father. Read his interesting story here.

National Directory of Putative Father Registries
An explanation of the putative father registry as well as a listing of the states that have such a registry. Complete with contact information. By Erik Smith

What Birth Fathers Don't Know Hurts Everyone
A story of a man's fight to be a part of his child's life after being left out of the adoption process.

Adoption Parent Profiles
A way for Birthmothers and adoptive parents to connect. By placing your freee adoption parent profile on the ParentGallery.com Web site you are now able to be viewed by thousands of Birthmoms world wide.

BirthMom Buds
" Birthmothers together healing the imprints left upon our hearts."

What You Should Know if You're Considering Adoption.....
A great booklet provided by the Concerned United Birthparents group.

From the site: "I designed ADOPTads after speaking with my clients and birthparents. This service is only a meeting place for pregnant women and adoptive parents. It is not an adoption attorney, adoption agency, or facilitator. Adoptive parents provide a non-refundable fee to use the service, and regardless of success."

Steven I. Sklar Law Office
Adoption Attorneys in New York and New Jersey.

Adoption Plan
A quick definition of the term adoption plan. Learn more about what an adoption plan is within the adoption community.

Quick definition of this adoption term.

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