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Before You Choose Adoption for Your Baby


Expectant mothers and fathers dealing with an unexpected pregnancy are often overwhelmed with the decision on whether to parent or place their baby for adoption. It's important for all expectant mothers in this situation to know that there are several resources that can help them with this difficult decision.

Learn about your options.

If you don't have any close family to turn to, there are many professionals available to help for little or no cost to you.

Know who can help if you choose to parent.

Don't give up on the idea of parenting. Find help with some local and state level resources.

Participate with online support groups for expectant mothers and fathers.

If you are leaning towards adoption, or still in the decision stage, there are several online groups that are available for support.

Read other birth parent's adoption stories.

Blogging has given many silent members of the adoption community an open forum. How do birth parents feel about open adoption, adoption reform, or adoptive parents? Read and learn the side of those who have lived another side of the adoption story.

Learn about the birth father's side of adoption.

It seems that the father's rights are not fully considered when some adoption plans are put into motion. Erik L. Smith has written several excellent articles regarding the rights of birth fathers. Check out these resources for more information on the rights of fathers.

Take the next steps when you decide that adoption is the right answer.

Once you've decided that adoption is right for your baby, what do you need to think about? What is the expectant mother and soon to be birth mother's next steps toward a baby adoption?
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