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An Adoption Registry Is A Way to Indicate Your Interest in a Reunion

A listing of various adoption registries from the private adoption registry to those ran by the State.

What Is a State Adoption Registry?
A helpful tool when working on an adoption reunion, locate your state adoption registry.

Adoption.com Adoption Registry
According to the Web site, "The world's largest adoption reunion registry with 386,514 Adoption Records." It's recommended by many of our adoption search angels.

International Soundex Reunion Registry (ISRR)
A free service! The International Soundex Reunion Registry; a free humanitarian service better known as ISRR. ISRR is a non-profit mutual consent registry dedicated to reuniting adult family members separated by adoption, divorce, or other dislocation. The ISRR has reunited thousands of adults all over the world.

What Is the International Soundex Reunion Registry (ISRR)
Learn about RegDay and how to register with the International Soundex Reunion Registry to help you with your adoption search and adoption reunion.

New York State Adoption Information Registry
From the web site: "If you are adopted, or if you placed a child for adoption, or if you are the biological sibling of an adopted person, you may wish to learn more about your birth family. The New York State Health Department's Adoption Registry can help and even facilitate a reunion. "

New York Adoption Database
New York database for anyone born or adopted in New York.

The Adoption Database Registry
A very well put together registry organized by birth date or State of birth. There is a $10.00 registration fee to add your information, but looking is free!

California Adoption Reunion Registry
This is a free registry for adoptees and birth family members who are mutually searching for each other. No personal identifying information will be displayed on the site.

Canadian Adoptees Adoption Registry
A free adoption registry established in 1996, specifically for Canadian adoptees.

Adoption Search and Reunion - UK
"This Web site provides information for adopted people, birth relatives and also adoptive parents in England and Wales. It also provides information for agencies, professionals and volunteers who provide services for adopted people and their birth and adoptive relatives. The information available on this website applies to adoptions that were made before the 30th December 2005."

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