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Already My Child - Vietnam Adoption Story

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By Zoe

We've Been a Forever Family Since...

May 26th, 1997

Type of Adoption and Age(s) of Child(ren)

International adoption of two and a half-year-old girl and a nine-year-old boy

My Family's Adoption Story

Although I am not the parent of an adopted one, I am an adopted child here to share my story about the whole process.

The value of stories is the key to knowing either your own past, or the past of others. Without stories, people would only rely on their own memories. Think of writing a paper. Your own memories would be the primary source. Of course you cannot write the paper only using one source, because the primary source is limited. Your own memory is bound to have some hazy and unclear spots, you use information from sources; other people. I had a big English project, when the child interviews one of their parents. I interviewed my mother about my adoption.

I was adopted from Vietnam at a young age from a poor village. My family did not have the support they needed to take care of me. When I was born my birthmother was sick. I had such buildup in my ears also, that I would have been deaf by the age I am now (16). They sent the youngest boy so he was able to take care of me.

When my mom was telling me her story, of my arrival, it was really touching. I knew that it was a relevant time in both of our lives, but I never knew how truly meaningful it was to her about me being her child. She even said, that before she adopted me, she knew I was already her child. It gave me goose bumps. Of course every day I am thankful for being brought out of my previous life, and being with the most amazing family I could ever have. I am very happy to have been adopted.

Thank you mom, for caring so much about me, about the whole process. Thank you for taking my Parent Project seriously, and having a deep conversation rather than awkward dinner table sentences.


  • Love.
  • Don't regret.
  • Happiness.

Carrie Craft, About.com Adoption/Foster Care, says:

What a beautifully written adoption story! Thank you Zoe, your parents are so lucky to have you in their family.

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