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By Isabel

We've Been a Forever Family Since...

Oct, 30th 2009

Type of Adoption and Age(s) of Child(ren)

Closed adoption, a Gift of God. Through a private agency, domestic adoption.

My baby boy was 2 1/2 weeks when we adopted him. My baby is now 1 year old.

My Family's Adoption Story

After 4 years trying to conceive, 16 inseminations, and 3 IVF. We chose to adopt. The waiting time for adoption was only 9 months. It was a miracle, his name is "Daniel" meaning "God decided," best experience ever. I pray everyday for his biological mother, for making the right decision of place her baby for adoption instead abortion.


  • Faith, Faith Faith. Things happen for a reason, and will happen at the right time. I learn to love my baby. I won't do anything differently.

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