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By God's Path To Taiwan

We've Been a Forever Family Since...

We are in the process of adopting from Taiwan!

Type of Adoption and Age(s) of Child(ren)

We have two beautiful biological children: Samantha is 15 and Dawson is 12. We are in the process of adopting an infant in Taiwan.

My Family's Adoption Story

Our Adventure Begins!

My husband and I have been married for 16 years. We have 2 beautiful children Samantha (15) and Dawson (12). After Dawson was born my husband got fixed and decided he was done expanding our family. My heart said a different thing, but I knew if God ever softened his heart we could adopt someday. I have tried to talk to him many times over the years about it and get a funny look or a quick change of subject. We have been going to church for many years and I have prayed and prayed for God to change his heart, and then I thought maybe that was a selfish prayer. Maybe I should be praying for my heart to change not his. Well, that did not work very well at all. I finally just realized that it was not going to happen and that I was going to have to accept our family as it was. Well, then about 3 months ago out of nowhere, my husband came to me. He told me that while he was on the rider mower that day that he was praying about adoption. I ran across the house and jumped on him and just started to cry. Even if this went nowhere else at least the thought had occurred to him without me saying “just one more.” Well, since that day God has done some pretty incredible things in our lives. I started reading the book "Choosing To See" by Mary Beth Chapmen, while we were on a family trip to visit my great grandma about 2 ½ hours away. I read a little portion out loud that everyone had to hear and then I started reading to myself again. My 15 year old daughter (Sam) said “Mom why did you stop reading?” So for the next 2 hours we read that book as a family. When it got to her family's first adoption, I got so moved I could not read for a minute so I put the book down to take a break. When I looked up they were all looking at me like, OK Mom hurry up, collect yourself, and keep on going. So we read until we arrived at our destination. My husband came to me not too long after and had a conversation that went like this, "If there is a child out there that is supposed to be in our family I want them here right now, but I don’t want to adopt just to adopt." We went up front in church Sunday and got prayed over. Monday night my husband had sound practice at church, (he runs the sound system at our church) and then he had a friend pray with him there. He called me on his way home and apologized for not being more open to my heart on the adoption subject for the past 11 years. He told me he was ready and he knew that God was leading our family on.


  • Research! Research! Research! I have learned that you need to research as much as possible.
  • We are so excited to see what God has in store for our family. I know that he has plans to bless your family as well.

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It's important that all members of the prospective adoptive family are on the same page when it comes to making an adoption decision. It may take awhile, but if adoption is meant to be for your family, then it will happen and it will be the right time.

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